Business & Industry Services

The Greater Mount Airy Chamber of Commerce is thrilled to collaborate with Surry Community College, offering our valued Members an exciting opportunity. Together, we provide a range of business and industry services aimed at fostering growth and prosperity for your businesses

Customized Training

Our customized training program supports the economic development efforts of the state of North Carolina.

This program provides educational and training opportunities for eligible businesses and industries.


Through our JobsConnect services and programs, we can help maximize success in creating “career savvy” job candidates.

Small Business Center

The Small Business Center (SBC) is part of a statewide network designed to support the development and growth of small businesses.

Our services are available for free or very low cost.

Starting a Business

Please feel free to go to the Surry Community College Small Business Center website for assistance.

You can also view the Starting a New Business PDF (on the right) which was included in the previous Greater Mount Airy Chamber of Commerce website page titled Doing

Business in Mount Airy.

Starting a New Business PDF