Chamber Member Spotlight – Debbie’s Staffing Services

The Greater Mount Airy Chamber of Commerce is a huge proponent of promoting business in the greater Mount Airy and Surry County area, and beyond. In reference to the Mission Statement, “to advance, promote, and encourage successful business growth for our members”, we are always seeking ways to fulfill this essential goal. With the aim of supporting Chamber of Commerce members more strongly and assisting them in the advancement of their businesses or organizations, the Chamber will, at-random, spotlight different members throughout the year. This is the second spotlight of 2023! Presenting: Debbie’s Staffing Services Inc.

March 6, 2023
Chamber Member Spotlight: Debbie’s Staffing Services
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A local lady by the name of Debbie Little (CPC, CTS) founded her self-titled business in March 1986 in Winston-Salem, NC.
Debbie established Debbie’s Staffing Services with a commitment to “knowledge, integrity, professionalism” and a “Service First” mentality, which is what she believed to be the foundations of a successful business. Since then, Debbie’s Staffing has grown to service multiple locations in Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Texas, and Virginia. A nation-wide business incorporated right here in the Northwest of North Carolina!

Women-Owned Business

Debbie’s Staffing continues to operated under the Little last name with Debbie Little, CPC, CTS as CEO and Heinz Little, CPA, CTS as President and Treasurer. As a women-owned business and a certified National Women’s Business Enterprise, Debbie’s Staffing is one of many leaders creating more opportunities and improving supplier diversity for women in the workforce and in business.

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Serving the Community, Clients, and Associates

With a mission to serve first in every capacity, Debbie’s Staffing surely has its hands full working with client companies, job seekers, and the community. That’s certainly a big task, and they are doing it flawlessly with superior staffing solutions for companies, providing first-rate employment opportunities and training, and acting as a resource leader within the community.

Happy 37th Birthday!

Just under a week ago, Debbie’s Staffing celebrated it’s 37th anniversary on March 1, 2023. What a milestone! The Debbie’s Staffing Facebook post says, “[Debbie’s] commitment to providing outstanding service to every client and applicant have allowed this company to flourish and grow.” As a member of the Greater Mount Airy Chamber of Commerce, Debbie’s Staffing (King, NC location) has certainly displayed the same qualities as its founder and we are proud to be a partner to this thriving business and community-supporter. The Debbie’s Staffing team has served many hours within the Chamber of Commerce as volunteers and Ambassadors. We could not be more grateful for their friendship and support.

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