Episode 1: The Golden Goose – Let’s Talk Business Podcast

One of the major goals of the Greater Mount Airy Chamber of Commerce is to be a source of information for business and local communities. The Chamber is active in multiple social medias, newspapers, email services, and many other information outlets. To better reach all of our audiences, we’ve created a podcast called Let’s Talk Business.

In this episode Randy discusses the ins and outs of the annual Autumn Leaves Festival™, aka the “The Golden Goose” with Chamber staff member, Travis Frye. This year marks the 53rd anniversary of the festival and it doesn’t come without it’s challenges. Luckily, Autumn Leaves Festival™ Director, Travis, can handle the job!

Episode Overview: A little about Travis Frye, History of the Autumn Leaves Festival™, Crafters and Vendors, Space requirements and State Regulations, Music, Businesses on Main Street, Autumn Leaves Festival™ Statistics

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