Join the Chamber

Larger businesses tend to join because it’s the right thing to do. The older, more established businesses have seen the benefits of participation in the Chamber and support its mission. When newer companies moving into our City join, it’s because they have the vision to know that the Chamber can help provide an introduction to the community and a network of other business people to help them succeed!

Our Chamber receives many calls each month asking for referrals to local businesses. The consumers recognize that a Chamber Member is more likely to maintain ethical business practices. Most members agree that the Chamber provides a springboard to many other opportunities when growing their businesses and see their investment many times over, especially when they actively participate in Chamber activities!

Top Reasons To Join The Greater Mount Airy Chamber of Commerce

Make New Business Contacts
Networking at Chamber events helps you meet potential customers, clients and vendors. The “Business After Hours” program provides great opportunities to get to know new people — and expand your prospect base.

Market Your Products And Services
Take advantage of the Chamber’s low-cost marketing opportunities. You’ll reach hundreds of business owners and executives, anxious to learn more about your products and services. Plenty of advertising and sponsorship opportunities exist through the Chamber’s events, programs, website, and publications, too!

Invest In A Healthy Economy
When the Chamber assists companies that are relocating here or expanding their businesses, it means more jobs — and more customers for you. Your investment in the Chamber helps to market the Greater Mount Airy Area and promote quality growth.

Gain A Voice In Government
The Chamber speaks on behalf of business to elected and appointed officials and government staff members at the local, state and national levels. Your voice will be heard on important regulatory, legislative and educational issues that directly affect your business.

Increase Your Presence On The Internet
Your business will be listed in the Chamber’s online Business Directory, thereby expanding your market area even if you do not have internet access.

Get Involved
There’s nothing more rewarding than volunteering your time and talent to make the community where you live and work a better place. As a member of the Chamber, you will help sustain and improve the quality of life that you, your family and your employees enjoy. Membership in the Chamber is an investment in your business future.

Heighten Your Company’s Visibility
Announce your respect for your customers by displaying your Chamber membership plaque in your business and on your website. Your investment in the Chamber gives your business credibility, visibility and marketability.

Learn New Skills For Small Business Success
The Chamber provides services to small business owners. Programs are designed to help you start your business or help your business grow. At the Chamber, you’ll get the tools you need to help your business prosper.

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